BT vers. 5.3 & BLE Audio

BT vers. 5.3 & BLE Audio

We believe in ‘BT First’. Because BT gives you ultimate freedom of movement and usability. Here are some of our takes on Bluetooth:

We use hardware based on BT 5.3. and a special implementation of BT Low Energy Audio (BLE Audio) sprinkled with proprietary knowhow. BLE Audio is the Bluetooth standard of the future and we are probably one of the first companies to implement. With all the improvements BLE Audio brings we see this as the wireless audio interface on which innovation will be based for the decades to come, and we are proud and humbled being one of the companies leading the way.

We want to make sound simple and with the advent of BT 5.3 this is now even more possible as BLE Audio besides very high efficiency and low latency also allows for lossless audio codex. In audio applications where there was previously a need for cables or energy consuming wireless technologies to keep latency low and resolution high, these are now obsolete. Just the benefits remain.With our implementation of BT 5.3 compatible hardware its possible to connect to unlimited devices which means that you can combine several Enkl Speakers as a sound system. With the Enkl App, you can choose which speakers should be right, left or centre.


For more info on BLE Audio - The next generation og BT audio please see here

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