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Enkl Sound Speaker One

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Enkl Sound Speaker One

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Elegance & design combined with tech & power

Enkl Sound Copenhagen is introducing the first Bluetooth speaker with  multi-user access, phone as microphone, quality audio up to 125 dB, up to 80 hours battery playback time and functional Danish design.

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Maximum Loudness(SPL) 125 dB @ 1 m 

Amplifier: Two 160Watt Class D amplifiers 

Acoustics: Frequency range: 40Hz-20KHz. Configurable DSP and Dynamic Bass Boost

Drive Units: 2×10” 98dB Woofers and 1.5” Tweeter

Cabinet Principle: Bass-Reflex

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3 with Multi-user and broadcast functionality with low latency.

We love sound

Enkl BT speaker

The Enkl BT speaker hits high trebles cleanly, handles low bass with perfection and has a clear, lifelike mid range. Two 10″ woofers and a 1.5” tweeter are powered by energy efficient class D amps for a total of 240 watts of power. The rugged cabinet construction provides a natural but powerful sound and a bass reflex system for increased efficiency at low frequencies.

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Bluetooth first

We believe in ‘Bluetooth First’. Because Bluetooth gives you ultimate freedom of movement and usability. Here are some of our takes on Bluetooth:

We use hardware based on BT 5.3. and a special implementation of BT Low Energy Audio (BLE Audio) sprinkled with proprietary knowhow. BLE Audio is the Bluetooth standard of the future and we are probably one of the first companies to implement. With all the improvements BLE Audio brings we see this as the wireless audio interface on which innovation will be based for the decades to come, and we are proud and humbled being one of the companies leading the way.

We want to make sound simple and with the advent of BT 5.3 this is now even more possible as BLE Audio besides very high efficiency and lower latency also allows for lossless audio codex. In audio applications where there was previously a need for cables or energy consuming wireless technologies to keep latency low and resolution high, these are now obsolete. Just the benefits remain.With our implementation of BT 5.3 compatible hardware its possible to connect to unlimited devices which means that you can combine several Enkl Speakers as a sound system. With the Enkl App, you can choose which speakers should be right, left or centre.

Enkl Sound Copenhagen - We take Bluetooth speakers to the next level and rethink what a Bluetooth speaker should be able to do. Danish design, tech & power in new Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth 5.3

Connection like never before

Enkl Bluetooth 5.3 technology provides lossless wireless sound at a range of up to 50 metres (165 feet) while maintaining connectivity. Use your Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet or computer to stream music directly to your speaker with no wires required.

Design & functionality

Iconic Danish Design

Minimalistic and timeless design that combines aesthetics and functionality.

A rounded shape with no visible screws or fittings for a seamless expression.

Learn more about our idea and concept here.

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The Enkl Sound speaker is a one-point music system with immersive and powerful sound.

The acoustic set up of comprises two 10” neodymium woofer bass drivers for powerful bass performance and a one1,5” FerriteHorn Tweeterall jointly developed with Italian B&C group and combined with a bass port. The acoustic system which is powered by 320 watts from two pairs of low distortion Multilevel Class-D amplifiersand controlled by an in-system DSP is expertly tuned and delivers exceptional clarity and depth, giving the user an up to studio-quality listening experience at home or powerful sound on the go.The Enkl Sound speaker also uses our proprietary dynamic bass system which presents a big sound image at lower volumes, and the listener can thus hear the deepest richest bass notes. Most traditional speakers can’t do this, regardless of brand or price. 

Audio interface – Bluetooth FirstThe Enkl Speaker relies solely on BT as media interface. With the advent of Bluetooth Low Energy Audio (BLE Audio) introduced with Bluetooth 5.3, we believe this is right platform for the years to come. BLE Audio is not only highly energy effective – with the Enkl Sound implementation it also supports the Low Complexity Communication Codec (LC3)which promises a much greater audio quality at even lower bit rate levels than its predecessor; the standard SBC codecs. Some listeners even prefer the LC3 above third-party Bluetooth solutions such as e.g., AptX (Qualcomm) or LDAC (Sony) codecs. We do too.


Reusable plastic

The cabinet is made of reusable plastic that is rotational molded in one single piece. Since it is only one piece, it is easy to recycle and reuse. 

Larger than life sound

Get rich, room-filling sound with the Enkl BT Speaker, and control it with the Enkl app.

Stream music, radio, podcasts, and more from your favourite services. Immerse yourself in the music.