We take Bluetooth speakers to the next level, and rethink what a Bluetooth speaker should be able to do.​

Danish design, tech & power in new Bluetooth speaker


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Sound made simple

Enkl Sound Copenhagen is probably giving you the world's most user friendly Bluetooth speaker that is longer lasting, lightweight, loud and little in size.


dB Loudness


Hours of Play Time


fast charging



Playback time

Up to 80 hours battery

With up to 80 hours battery playback time on a single charge, Enkl Sound is setting new standards for playtime. And with only 1-hour fast charge you are quickly up and running again.

First class acoustics

Audio Performance that outperforms

Quality sound that exceeds expectations. Precision-engineered acoustics that deliver clarity, depth and fullness that you would expect from wired Hi Fi speakers. 

Multi-user access*

Share the music

NEW to the market: Enkl Sound is introducing multi-user access in Bluetooth speakers for you to share the music. No more pairing and shifting between users. You and other users are always automatically connected. All users can control the speaker, get access to all functionalities and share music. Simply download the app and start sharing.

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Extreme portability

The smallest and most lightweight BT speaker at 125 dB. Only 10 kg and 50L.

Extremely durable – materials are drop resistant, water resistant with IPX4 and electronics coated for IPX6.


Always a microphone nearby that you don’t need to share.

Use your phone or Bluetooth headset as microphone.

Easy to give a speach, sing along or use for sport lessons.