Creating tomorrow

Taking Bluetooth speakers to the next level

We want to improve the existing and rethink what a Bluetooth speaker should be able to do.

By combining Bluetooth technology, battery technology, app technology, audio performance and design, we create a Bluetooth speaker of tomorrow.

Enkel means ‘simple’ in Danish and it reflects our ambitions of making sound simple to use, simple to share and simple to move.

Scandinavian heritage

Danish design from idea to reality

We are dedicated to timeless, minimalistic and simplistic design that is easy to use and user-friendly.

Founded in our Danish and Scandinavian heritage, our design team from HarritSørensen has designed a unique form that combines aesthetics and functionality in a new way.

Audio & tech

Groundbreaking technology​

We are tech to the bone and our experienced tech team has developed innovative features that challenge status quo and set new standards.

Our multi-user access finally makes it possible to have more users connected to the same speaker at the same time.

Our technology is marking the end of: 
– Turning off/on the Bluetooth connection when shifting users
– Sharing your phone with others
– Having your speaker go flat too often
– Not playing loud enough
– Setting up and investing in external microphone

Active & social life

We move people​

We want to make the perfect Bluetooth speaker for an active and social life on the go.

We simply believe that an active life with social relations will help you stay happy and healthy.

We want to move and inspire people to have a social and an active life with physical and mental well-being.

Enkel is simple – because we want to make sound simple. To make Enkel even more simple, we have shortned it to Enkl.


Energy efficiency & sustainable materials

The world is our playground, and it will only remain so if we take good care of it.

We care for our planet and work focused with the UN Sustainability Goals.

The Enkl speaker is extremely energy efficient and power consumption is decreased by 3-7 times compared to market average.

The cabinet is made in only one piece of reusable plastic.