Acoustic setup

Acoustic setup

ARTICLE: Acoustic system powered by 240 watts from two pairs of low distortion Multilevel Class-D amplifiers and relies solely on Bluetooth as media interface. Read more here.
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The Enkl Sound ES1 speaker is a one-point music system with immersive and powerful sound.

The acoustic setup of comprises two 10” neodymium woofer bass drivers for powerful bass performance and a one 1,5” FerriteHorn Tweeter all jointly developed with Italian B&C group and combined with a bass port. The acoustic system which is powered by 240 watts from two pairs of low distortion Multilevel Class-D amplifiers and controlled by an in-system DSP is expertly tuned and delivers exceptional clarity and depth, giving the user an up to studio-quality listening experience at home or powerful sound on the go. The Enkl Sound speaker also uses our proprietary dynamic bass system which presents a big sound image at lower volumes, and the listener can thus hear the deepest richest bass notes. Most traditional speakers can’t do this, regardless of brand or price. 

Audio interface – Bluetooth First. The Enkl Speaker relies solely on BT as media interface. With the advent of Bluetooth Low Energy Audio (BLE Audio) introduced with Bluetooth 5.3, we believe this is right platform for the years to come. BLE Audio is not only highly energy effective – with the Enkl Sound implementation it also supports the Low Complexity Communication Codec (LC3) which promises a much greater audio quality at even lower bit rate levels than its predecessor; the standard SBC codecs. Some listeners even prefer the LC3 above third-party Bluetooth solutions such as e.g., AptX (Qualcomm) or LDAC (Sony) codecs. We do too.

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